COOL CREATORS is a section where we feature the collected works of an important artist. You may not be up on how dope everything this person has done, so I’m here to tell you what’s up.

The first two creators featured are both mentors of mine. They’ve been successful in the game for a long time and will always be grateful for their guidance and willingness to collaborate with me.

KYLE BAKER is an artist, a writer, an animator, a screenwriter, briefly a publisher of his own work, and the kind of guy who can do just about anything well (not so much the driving, but that’s off topic).

He’s got a very diverse body of work, from kid’s cartoons to a brutally realistic retelling of Nat Turner’s life. No two books are the same, except that they are always good.

DWAYNE MCDUFFIE was a brilliant writer who had years of success in film, television and comics. He was one of the founders of Milestone Comics, wrote for the JUSTICE LEAGUE comic, television series and DVD movie. He was one of the head writers of BEN 10 and wrote the ALL STAR SUPERMAN animated film.