How To Draw Stupid and Other Essentials of Cartooning

Price: $16.95
Publisher: Watson-Guptill
Format: Paperback
An accessible and informative how-to guide to drawing edgy cartoons comes complete with step-by-step sequence instructions, an overview of the principles of drawing and practical advice throughout.
Draw stupid, succeed big!
* Edgy art instruction plus savvy insider advice
* Award-winning author, well known in cartooning, comics, and animation
* Funny and irreverent--perfect for Adult Swim fans
Okay, dumdum. This one is pretty much idiot-proof. Even you should be able to figure out How to Draw, Stupid, and Other--what? No commas? Whoops, sorry. But How to Draw Stupid and Other Essentials of Cartooning is simple enough for even the simplest readers. Author Kyle Baker, who only acts stupid, is in fact "the greatest cartoonist of all time," or so he tells us. Here he presents a hard-working instruction book that provides artists with the essential skills needed for success. From the principles of drawing to turning those principles on their ear (or their rear), from conveying movement to creating a step-by-step sequence, from idea sketch to finished drawing, How to Draw Stupid and Other Essentials of Cartooning is the smartest purchase any aspiring artist can make, regardless of mental acuity.


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KYLE BAKER is one of the geniuses of the comic book industry. He’s an artist, a writer, an animator…but most of all, a great storyteller and innovator.

His subject matter ranges from comically hilarious to deadly serious. I’ve been lucky enough to work with him on several occasions, and his contributions always elevate whatever it is I’m working on.

Here is his work.

Here's a interview with one of the greatest cartoonists of our time, Kyle Baker!

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