Kyle Baker Cartoonist

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Publisher: KB Publishing
Format: Paperback

Written by Kyle Baker
Art by Kyle Baker

Although well-known for his comics work (King David; The Truth), Baker also contributes to dozens of magazines where his wit, edge, satirical flair and ability to twist any and all subject matter make his work a standout. This new collection allows him to cut loose and explore his theme of skewering the excesses of Generations X and Y. Unlike many humorous cartoonists, Baker has drawing chops to spare, and he covers such subject matter as e-mail scams, dictators and religion without getting shoehorned into any one style or genre. Besides his biting look at social customs from clothing fads to class reunions, the best piece is a strip called The Bakers, which stars his wife and children and resembles a cross between Peanuts and The Cosby Show. This strip explores the family dynamics of baby dressing, adult themes in children's movies and the kids playing mom-against-dad in a highly entertaining fashion. Baker's whimsical humor hides a keen sense of observation, and the art, equally influenced by Sergio Aragones and Chuck Jones, will win as many fans as the humor. It's tough to compare Baker to any one person or style, however, as his worldview is all his own.
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KYLE BAKER is one of the geniuses of the comic book industry. He’s an artist, a writer, an animator…but most of all, a great storyteller and innovator.

His subject matter ranges from comically hilarious to deadly serious. I’ve been lucky enough to work with him on several occasions, and his contributions always elevate whatever it is I’m working on.

Here is his work.

Here's a interview with one of the greatest cartoonists of our time, Kyle Baker!

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