Kyle Baker Cartoonist Vol 2

Price: $14.95
Publisher: KB Publishing
Format: Paperback

Written by Kyle Baker
Art by Kyle Baker

The laugh-packed sequel to Baker's surprise hit Cartoonist! In a refreshing change of pace, Kyle Baker has chosen to break no new creative ground for this book. This time he's just sticking to what works! Enjoy another visit with "The Bakers"; the return of "Sweet Sue, Defense Attorney", and more!

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KYLE BAKER is one of the geniuses of the comic book industry. He’s an artist, a writer, an animator…but most of all, a great storyteller and innovator.

His subject matter ranges from comically hilarious to deadly serious. I’ve been lucky enough to work with him on several occasions, and his contributions always elevate whatever it is I’m working on.

Here is his work.

Here's a interview with one of the greatest cartoonists of our time, Kyle Baker!

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